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A small, creative studio located near the shores of Lake Superior.

I love what I do. Since 1989, I have been working with companies, organizations and individuals, helping them promote, celebrate and grow.

There are many aspects to what I do here but at the heart of it all, I design things with a simple question in mind:
Is it genuine?
Have I been true to your goals and have I done more than you expected?

Good design engages, informs and inspires. I approach each project with the belief that good design makes a difference. Bad design at it's worst, turns a potential customer off or confuses your audience. By maintaining open communication with my clients, and paying consistent attention to quality and all the details, each project outcome shines.

I am a graphic designer, a screen print and embroidery shop, an illustrator, a wedding invitation designer and a jewelry maker.

I am a creative. I offer you my genuine services.
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